The Professional Engineering

Inter System Consultant Co., Ltd. 

was established on January, 1995 

by professional team with more than 20 

years experience in engineering M&E design.


We delicately think and design precisely for you.

Designing Amazing Things with Passion   since 1995.

Inter System Consultant Co., Ltd. was established on January 29, 1995 by professional team with more than 20 years experience in engineering M&E design.

We mainly concentrated in M&E design with many licensed professionals with  diverse qualifications, including civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, environment and also architect for designing part.

With over 24 years of our experience providing engineering consultant, we track all the records and keep improving our standardize to make sure our clients got the perfect outcomes.

Design & Calculation 95%
Layout Planning 90%
Maintenance Consultation 83%
Survey & Analysation 87%
Construct control & Installation 80%
Inspection & Energy Management 93%

Inter System Consultant Company  Limited has been registered as an Energy Management Auditor ad Certified for controlled factories and buildings law. ISC Energy Auditor had certified by the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency Ministry of Energy License number 0039/59 since 2016 .

Inter System Consultant Co.,Ltd. having a long-standing basis in engineering design services for building engineering systems, the company has expertise in determining the use of indoor equipment effectively and efficiency. Able to give advice, inspect, solve problems and be able to give advice on energy management reports to factories or designated buildings effectively.